Live jazz events have become increasingly popular - it has made a great choice for the many weddings, corporate events, private parties, as well as regular residencies in bars and restaurants. Many small venues display signs saying "Live jazz every Wednesday evenings" for example.

Jazz has all the sophistication and intelligence of classical music or Shakespeare theatre - but it is also powerful and adaptable form of entertainment. It can be sometimes raucous and lively, or deeply calming and sultry. Jazz musicians use their intelligence and feelings to choose live on stage the right song to play, and the right way to play it in order to reflect and enhance the atmosphere of the event, be it a wedding or a funeral.

Rates are -per musician, so a quartet will be twice the price of a duo.
You need to book one lead musician
eg. singer or saxophone, trumpet, trombone, violin, clarinette etc..

You then need to book one or more accompanists, eg. pianist, double bass and/or drums

The most common type of bands put together :

solo piano singer | piano duo
singer | piano | double bass trio singer | piano | double bass | drums quartet
saxophone | piano duo saxophone | piano | double bass trio saxophone | piano | double bass | drums quartet
piano | double bass duo piano | double bass | drums trio piano | double bass | percussionist | drums quartet

Choosing a singer as opposed to an instrumentalist for the lead makes the live music more of a show and raises the attention of the audience. A saxophone as a lead instrument could be more appropriate for background music or can also be just as high-energy as booking a singer.

15th of May 2017
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