Launch of New Website
Hello and welcome to the new website. As it stands, there is no design, just content. We are currently waiting for artists to be inspired, and in the meantime, us jazz musicians are busy taking bookings for 2014 (and practicing, of course !).

Lots of new content has recently been uploaded and embedded on the audio and video pages of this website - please check out the amazing talent that has to offer for your event.

Highlights of 2013 were a corporate gig with this fantastic singer a piano and double bass duo at Monkey Island in Berkshire and the continuing residency at Shezan restaurant in Knightsbridge.

The live jazz duos at Shezan are currently on hold for January but should be continuing every Friday and Saturday towards the end of February. More recordings and footage will be posted here from those gigs as well as news of the one-off events that we are booked for.

Happy new year from !

7th of February 2014

Jazz for Hire

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